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Licky Lucy

Boy, does she ever love to lick! Any time we get down on the floor to play with her (or just to stretch after a workout) she's right there with kisses a-plenty.

The transition has been tough on everyone so far. The first four days either Sonya or I was in the apartment to hang out and attend to Lucy's needs, and when we had to step out to run an errand she would howl and whine the whole time we were gone (as confirmed by neighbors). Monday through Wednesday we're both away at work all day, and being cooped up in a strange place for a whole day led to Lucy really acting out!

The dog experts we've talked to say it will be about a month before she accepts her new home and our authority. Wish us luck!

Posted by MPL October 27, 2006 at 09:14 AM

The Newest Addition

That's right, we're getting a dog!

We hadn't planned on it so soon. I'd really like to be in a house first, but Jill (Lucy's current owner) hasn't found a way to keep her when she moves into her new home because the resident pup and Lucy just don't get along. =(

Tomorrow Lucy arrives for her first weekend stay during our transition period. After sitting for Luna (our next door neighbor's Lab/Chow mix) during Stephanie's extended business and personal trips recently, Sonya and I have already settled into a pattern of walking and feeding schedules and we know a mid-sized dog can handle living in our little apartment. Just gotta figure out where we put that chuck-it before our first trip to the park (Lucy loves to play fetch)!

Posted by MPL October 12, 2006 at 09:27 AM

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