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I Am Invisible

While commuting to work in the plain daylight of an early humid morning, wearing my bright yellow helmet and white jersey, on a green bike traveling ~20 MPH in a traffic lane with parked cars and dark hedge rows in the background ... I AM INVISIBLE.

I started late on my ride from our northwest industrial neighborhood and rode a slower pace than normal toward my office near the airport. My typical route over the Broadway, climbing Williams to Killingsworth, has proven to be a good warm-up for harder riding over the remainder of my 9 mile morning commute. As I entered the intersection at Garfield, starting to decelerate for the red light a short block away, I noticed a 2-door sedan swinging recklessly toward me at a rapid pace.

I looked frantically for ways to evade, but found none and was forced into primary impact with the hood of the approaching car. As I felt the blow land I found my eyes closing, my body slightly twisting as my bike fell away, and a rush of air before a great resonating impact with the base of a massive utility pole brought me to rest in the gutter of the southeast corner of the intersection.

A kind ex-paramedic who witnessed the wreck warned me to not move at all as I involuntarily released shocked and pained noises. I had thought to scurry immediately out of the road, but found myself incapable of anything more coordinated than agonized writhing. I figure I must have flown nearly 15 feet before the tar from the pole transferred onto my face and helmet in exchange for parts of four front teeth.

I saw the car driver only briefly, saying "I didn't even see him." I was strapped to a backboard and quickly moved into the ambulance while the driver told me the car's license plate had been torn off in the accident. I let out a tiny cheer to celebrate delivering a small blow to my "competition." We all got quite a shock just after the doors were closed ... the explosive sound of a tube blowing out due to pressure from the wheels folding under the force of the collision!

Thankfully: no broken bones!

Unfortunately: I was not hurt enough to justify police investigation, or therefor any citation of the driver responsible for my injuries and damage to my new bike....

Posted by MPL September 26, 2007 at 08:10 PM

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